Linux on a cash register

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Here's a close up of the board after all my "upgrades". I spent two hours looking for a 72 pin SIMM. I found 30 pin SIMMs and 168 pin DIMMs but no 72 pin anything. Luckily, in her purse Tracy had been carrying around a 32MB 72 pin SIMM from a Dell that got RMA'ed at her work. She yoinked the RAM figuring I could use it. She's my main lady, and I can't extoll the virtues of marrying a geek grrrl enough. The new RAM works and Tracy r0x0rs. Also in there is the NIC and the Voodoo3. I'm gonna play Doom, I swear. Maybe even Tuxracer.

In the floppy drive is the bootnet.img disk and I'm pointing it over to my main fileserver for DHCP and install stuff. I mounted the Red Hat 6.2 CD and then made a symlink to it from under Apache's web root. Now I can give that the IP address to the cash register and it'll pull down the RPMs and stuff.