Linux on a cash register

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Yes, that is my finger in the upper left of the picture.

Here's the PSU zipped firmly onto the PC. I use channel-locks and a pair of pliers to cinch the zip ties down as hard as I could. It's very, very tight. I can pick the entire unit up by the stick's bracket and shake it around. I can also remove the PC's case without upsetting the PSU or the stick. I might add one more zip tie, though. I have two almost full bags of them which I got free from a hectic midnight data center move (honest, they fell into my truck and I didn't see them until way later...).

As an added bonus, I get the power to the PC (and optionally a monitor and/or printer) from the PSU and so have one main switch. I really wanted to work out a way to get a surge suppressor into the PSU somehow, but didn't have the time or a spare suppressor. I might add one one day if I don't put this on one of my UPSes. (How cool would it be to have the LED-on-a-stick flashing "POWER OUT SINCE:" and then the time the UPS kicked in? Easy to do with NUT.)

The plywood, BTW, is there purely for moral support at this point. I'm not using plywood for anything, as you can see in the next pic.