Pictures. Nice pictures. You like pictures? I do.

Tess This is Tess. She is my wife, and I like her a lot. I send her email sometimes, and she likes it. You can send her mail, too. She will like it.

My sister Mandy and my new brother in law Zac. He likes software, and I do too. Zac is sometimes very strange, Mandy is not. They have two kids who are very cute.

T I have a brother named Trey. He is afraid of squirrels.

James Lileks has a much better gallery than I could ever put together.

My friend Greg has a website as well. I wouldn't go there if you're faint of heart or browsing the web while at church or something.

I've been playing paintball recently, and I have action shots from last weekend.

I've put up pics from my company's Christmas party. It's the usual stuff, with the notable exception of photocopied nether regions...

Tracy and I went to see a Star Wars exhibit a while back, and we took some pictures. Betcha didn't know that the Millenium Falcon had LEDs inside the cockpit, did you?

A bunch of us went fishing last year and took some photos of the trip.

Pictures of the most grabastic camping trip ever.